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 World Conquest for Jesus – Prayer Topics 2022 Goal:

“100 new missionaries sponsored in 5 new countries”

1.   As the body of Christ, we declare exponential growth over World Conquest for Jesus (WCFJ).

2.   We pray the coast and territory of WCFJ will steadily enlarge with speed (1Chr.4:10):

3.   That the pegs and limitations Satan has placed around WCFJ from his survey will be uprooted.

4.   We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, WCFJ will plant 100,000 churches around the globe, in accordance with the vision and the goal of the visionary:

5.   That WCFJ will have a very strong presence in every country, every city, village, town, and the remotest areas, yet unreached by the gospel.

6.   As the church of God, we fully understand that WCFJ is smack in the middle of the kairos of God (1Chr.12:32).  We pray in the name of Jesus that Bishop Robinson and Dr. Elizabeth Fondong will take the reins of the time allotted to them, move with urgency and speed to spread the gospel around the world.

7.   We call forth all destiny helpers to assist with this call and mandate from heaven.

8.   We declare the destiny helpers will work in synch with the Fondong’ s God-given leadership.

9.   In the name of Jesus Christ, we exclude all spirits of discord, witchcraft, envy, stagnation, and delay from WCFJ.

10. We pray that the finances will come in alignment with the goal and magnitude of the mission and assignment of WCFJ.

11. In the name of Jesus Christ, we break the resistance of hell to the wealth transfer to the church for the purpose of accommodating the speedy enhancement of the Kingdom of Christ through WCFJ.

12. We pray the finances will come in from the North, South, East and West.

13. We pray Bishop Robinson and Dr. Elizabeth will not be shy nor apologetic about the call and mandate over their lives but will fiercely contend for the fulfillment of what God has already said about them and WCFJ.

14. In the name of Jesus, we call forth prayer warriors who will not back down from the onslaught of hell against WCFJ but will contend with God to birth His purpose for this generation.

15. We pray in the name of Jesus, the prayer warriors will contend for every square inch of the victory that is already released to WCFJ, in the realm of the spirit.

16. We pray the angels of God will arrest and disarm the demonic principalities that have the assignment to monitor and block the growth of WCFJ.

17. In the name of Jesus, we speak to the heavens and the earth.  We now command them to resist cooperating with the dark world and turn their faces towards helping the people of God and WCFJ (Deut.32:1-2, Rev.12:16).

18. We command the earth to release and yield an abundance of souls for the Kingdom of God.